Mary was a thinker.

Good day! I read Amos, Hosea 1-4, Proverbs 9, 10, Luke 1, 2, and Psalm 36, 37.

In Luke I noticed some things about Mary today. It is how she pondered stuff, and it is mentioned a lot in Luke. 1:29 says she wondered what the greeting might mean, in 2:19 she treasured the things the shepherds said and continued to think about them. In 2:33 she and Joseph were amazed at what Simeon said, and in 2:51 Mary kept in mind all that happened when Jesus said he was in his Father’s house when they couldn’t find him. Pretty cool how these verses show, to me anyway, that Mary replayed these things over and over again in her mind. Can you imagine being the mother of Jesus? That is a huge roll to fill! Way to go Mary.

In Psalm today I noticed some mentioning of the land. I love these verse that do this. It’s just so curious. Here they are, all from Psalm 27:

:9 Evil people will be sent away, but those who trust the Lord will inherit the land.

:11 People who are not proud will inherit the land and will enjoy complete peace.

:22 Those whom the Lord blesses will inherit the land, but those he curses will be sent away.

:29 Good people will inherit the land and will live in it forever.

:34 Wait for the Lord’s help and follow him. He will honor you and give you the land, and you will see the wicked sent away.

Then in Proverbs today, 10:30 said, “Good people will always be safe, but evil people will not remain in the land.”

The land is where I want to go! Good people will be there and the wicked will be sent away. Whoa. 🙂