And I thought the story of Samson was confusing…

Hello, today I read Judges 16-19.

I have been reading about the different judges that ruled Israel, or parts of it, so far. I just finished reading about Samson, who was a judge for 20 years. He was born after the angel of the LORD told his parents that he would be born and to dedicate him as a Nazirite for God. What is so interesting to me about Samson is that he wasn’t a great guy. He married a woman who was a Philistine, decided he didn’t like her, went to a prostitute’s house, wreaked a bunch of havoc by destroying grain, vineyards, and olive trees. He killed a bunch of people with the jawbone of a donkey and then fell in love with a lady named Delilah. She was bribed by money to find out how Samson was so strong. So when she asked him he told her lies and she tied him up each time believing the lie. He must have been really stupid because he finally told her the secret was in his hair, so she had his hair cut off while he slept and she called for the Philistines. They captured him, gouged out his eyes and kept his as some sort of spectacle. We are told his hair began to grow back and he prayed to God for one last powerful moment. He pushed on some pillars causing them to fall and crush him but also 3000 or more Philistine people at the same time. The odd thing is it says that the Spirit of the LORD entered him time and time again to give him great power. He also prayed to God saying he was really thirsty and God opened up a hole in the ground and water came out for him. Also, when Samson wanted to marry the Philistine woman his parents asked him if he could marry someone from Israel. We know from reading all of the scriptures so far that they were not supposed to marry outside of Israel. My bible has verse 14:4 in parenthesis, it says, “(Samson’s parents did not know that the LORD wanted this to happen because he was looking for a way to challenge the Philistines, who were ruling over Israel at this time.)”

So so interesting. Again I am reminded that God is God and he does things the way he wants to in order to bring on the result he wants.

Chapters 17, 18, and 19 also have confusing stories about a guy named Micah, a Levite, and the Levite’s wife. I am not sure why this story is in here. It is very confusing.

I sure do miss the other reading plan. I enjoyed being in different areas at the same time with the other plan. With this plan it starts in Genesis and goes straight through. I do read the Psalms everyday too as outlined in the plan though. I do like that there is a video for each book, or section of a book, that I can watch. Thing is I haven’t been watching them as recommended on the schedule so far. I guess it is like any new thing, I just gotta keep on with it. I’m thinking of adding the old plan back in along with the new plan but I dunno.

Alrighty. Have a good day and if anyone has any clues about the stories in Judges 17-19 I wouldn’t mind hearing yer thoughts.



West of the Jordan.

Hello, today I read Joshua 9-12.

In these chapters I read how Joshua led the Israelites into the promised land across the Jordan river and defeated the kings and destroyed the cities. It is really easy to read these chapters and think nothing of these battles and read it as if no time has passed. I noticed my bible has an unlabeled section where there if fighting, one section called “Defeating the Southern Cities”, and another section called “Defeating Northern Kings”. In the unlabeled section Joshua prayed for God to make the sun and the moon stand still until the battle was done. It says in 10:13, “The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and waited to go down for a full day.” So that battle was one long day but it says he defeated who he was battling. Then in the next section, the Southern cities section, it says Joshua captured all these cities and their kings on one trip. So I am not sure how many days that was, but they only had to face each of the enemies once and defeated them. Then in the next section, the Northern kings section, we are told in 11:18 that, “He fought against them for many years.” Chapter 12 is a summary starting with how they took control of the land east of the Jordan and then defeated the kings and took control of the land west of the Jordan. It says the total number of kings that were defeated was 31.

They were successful with every battle. I have to mention what I read yesterday. It was when they battled Jericho, the first city in the promised land, and they were instructed to destroy everything and keep only a few items to give to the LORD. Oh, and Rahab and her family since she helped the Israelites who came to check out the city. They were saved from destruction. Anyway, one guy named Achan kept some stuff for himself and buried them under his tent. When they went out to battle at the next place, Ai, they were defeated and some Israelites were killed. Joshua was confused and prayed asking why this happened and God said because someone had kept some of the goods. Then God chose the guilty party and Achan confessed. He was killed by stoning and then they were able to defeat Ai. Interesting thing is, God told them they could keep the goods from the next battles. So if Achan would have obeyed he would have gotten the stuff he wanted anyway. I can see this happening today. Not the battles but how God provides when doing things the way he has commanded. We need to be patient and trust in God and his provision. It is amazing to live this way and experience God’s hand in things.

I noticed something in chapter 11. Verse 20 says, “The LORD made those people stubborn so they would fight against Israel and he could completely destroy them without mercy.” Isn’t that interesting?!

I noticed the heading of chapter 13 says “Land Still to be Taken”. So they haven’t finished with all the battling yet.

Song from God, Moses dies, and the Dead Sea is really low!!!


Hello!!! Today I read Deuteronomy 32-34 and Psalm 64.

Moses reads a song to the Israelites, it is a song written by God and it is interesting in that it talks about how they will turn away from God.

Moses also blesses each tribe and goes up to Mount Nebo to die. 34:6 says, “He buried Moses in Moab in the valley opposite Beth Peor, but even today no one knows where his grave is.” The “he” mentioned in this verse it God, isn’t that cool!!!

Here is a map showing Mount Nemo, Mount Pisgah, and Beth (Baal) Peor, and the valley-ish area.


I remember there was something mentioned about Moses’ body elsewhere. I just googled it and it is in Jude 9. I read about this before and it is really debated as to what is meant. I will let you go read it. 🙂

So I got to thinking about Moses going up to view the promised land again. I posted a picture before of where he stood to look out that was mentioned in Deuteronomy 3. This time I got to wondering about the elevation of where he stood. So I looked up the elevation of Mount Nebo. I found a few different numbers but they are both close to 2600 feet. I also read that the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the entire earth at -1368 feet!!! That’s negative 1368!!! Whoa.

I found this really great map. The numbers for the Dead Sea are just a tad different, but still low!!!! I also read that Jordan is now where Moab once was, so Moses was standing on a mountain in what is labeled Jordan on this here map.


Pretty cool stuff.

This ends the book of Deuteronomy. On to Joshua!

Poisonous plants among us…

Hello 🙂 Today I read Deuteronomy 29-31, and Psalms 62-63.

I talked about curses the other day and in these chapters the word curses is used a lot. God is talking about blessings or curses, so curses are like the opposite of blessings. And the blessings mentioned are: having children, having cattle that have a lot of babies, and having crops that produce food. So cool that I read this just after wondering about the word curses.

In Deuteronomy, Moses is finishing up speaking to the new generation. It is interesting what he says in 29:4, “But to this day the LORD has not given you a mind that understands; you don’t really understand what you see with your eyes or hear with your ears.” He reminds them of how they traveled the desert for 40 years and their clothes and shoes never wore out. I suppose he is saying they saw and lived these amazing miracles yet still chose to do things differently than God had instructed them to.

I notice how people who do what they want after they have heard the curses. and think they will be safe, are like a poisonous plant among them. God says they will destroy the wet and dry land. He says the land will be nothing but burning cinders and salt. Nothing will grow or bloom. So these people who are choosing to disobey God’s ways are affecting even the land they are living in. So it affects everyone and not just themselves. So interesting. This must be why God tells them to get rid of the evil among them. This makes me wonder about now. Environmentalists are concerned about burning certain fuels, using plastic, and stuff like. Could it be that the solution is doing things God’s way? Well, for the Israelites and their promised land it was the solution. For us I am pretty sure that the environment is going to be the way it is going to be because this earth is moaning and will be destroyed.

Another interesting thing Moses says is 29:29, “There are some things the LORD our God has kept secret, but there are some things he has let us know. These things belong to us and our children forever so that we will do everything in these teachings.” Moses knows God has not revealed everything. Paul mentions how Jesus is a secret that has been made known to us. So very awesome!!!

God hates dishonesty.

Hello 🙂 Today I read Deuteronomy 24, 25, and Psalm 59. Well, I have been ahead in my reading plan and then today I noticed my plan has February 29 on it…which means I am no longer ahead but right on time… and maybe I need to read a little more today 😉

All of Deuteronomy is Moses talking to the new generation so I am continuing to read all of the laws for the Israelites. In both sections of the reading today I read about dishonesty. Deuteronomy 25:16 says, “The LORD your God hates anyone who is dishonest and uses dishonest measures.” Psalm 59:12 says, “They sin by what they say; they sin with their words. They curse and tell lies, so let their pride trap them.”

Moses just says it like it is, that God hates anyone who is dishonest. And David also points out how these dishonest words, and curses, are sin. I understand dishonesty and I do not want God to hate me, this is such an easy concept to understand. Don’t lie, God hates liars. Okay. Got it. But what about curses? I know swearing can be called cursing, but is that what David means? I am not sure because I know that there were curses and stuff talked about a lot in the scriptures.

However, going back to cursing as in swearing, who thought up bad words anyway? It is really strange to me. I always find it funny when I watch a movie that is supposed to be in the future. People are all smart and stuff and then someone cusses. I laugh because to me that is really stupid. You’d think an advanced people wouldn’t do that. Right? And back to who thought up these words? So dumb. And why do these certain words, when used at certain times, mean things that are considered ‘foul’?

Anyway, back to my point of whether that is what David meant by cursing. If David didn’t mean loose language we are still told to watch our words by Paul. He says in Ephesians 4:29, this is the New International Version, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” Okay, unwholesome talk covers a ton of things that come out of our mouths! Not just cussing but talking about people in an unhelpful way. Wow, how much unwholesome talk do I do or even think every day? Yikes, sorry LORD.

Going back to cussing once more. I gotta say I think it is a self control issue. Sure people choose to use those words to…I dunno… sound clever?  Sound like a rebel? Sound cool? I am not sure of the reason, but if something happens and those words fly out of your mouth without any thought then it demonstrates lack of self control. I had a filthy mouth as a kid and I said something in front of my mom one time and it shocked and embarrassed me. I cleaned up my language when I became a Christian when I was 12. Now when something comes out that shouldn’t I am appalled at myself. I am shocked when it happens but it does, not very often thankfully. Self control is a fruit of the Spirit and allowing the Spirit to take full control is only when self control is successful.

LORD, thank you for your Spirit. Help me to give the reigns over to you at all times. Help me to grow in the character of self control. Especially in the words I speak. Thank you Jesus.

What they have said is good…..?????

Hello, today I read Deuteronomy 16, 17, 18.

Moses is continuing to teach the new generation. He tells them a few times in chapter 17 that they must get rid of the evil among them. (17:7 and 12). This is what God has said and Moses is just passing it along.

Some instruction about a king is talked about too. The king should not have too many horses and he shouldn’t get them from Egypt. Also that he shouldn’t have too many wives. He should also make his own copy of the teachings and read it every day. I know I mentioned this before but I am going to mention it again and that is that King Solomon broke these rules. I am not sure about copying the teachings and reading them every day, but I am guessing he didn’t do that or he would have known not to have too many horses, to get them from Egypt, and not to have too many wives. So so interesting.

Chapter 18 talks about the time when the people were called to the mountain and God spoke to them. He told them the ten commandments and there was fire and stuff. It scared the people really bad and they told Moses they didn’t want to do that again. So here now in chapter 18 Moses is saying God will give them a prophet like him. He said God told him that what they wanted was good, which is confusing to me. They were scared to listen to God themselves so they asked not to do that again and God is saying that was a good thing? To me that is odd. Here are verses 17-19, “So the LORD said to me, “What they have said is good. 18 So I will give them a prophet like you, who is one of their own people. I will tell him what to say, and he will tell them everything I command. 19 This prophet will speak for me; anyone who does not listen when he speaks will answer to me.”” So God is saying it was okay for them to not want to be in his presence directly, and not want to hear him directly. Does that seem odd to you? This is just another thing that reminds me that God is God and I have a lot to learn. So God says he will give them a representative, like Moses, who would tell them the things that God has said. So so interesting again. 

Esau and Lot, God didn’t forget them.

Hello 🙂  Today I read Deuteronomy 2, 3 and Psalms 53 and 54.

In Deuteronomy, Moses is continuing to recount the last 40 years. It is interesting to me that God told them they would not be given any land in Edom, Moab, and Ammon. The reason is because their relatives from Esau have been given Edom and their relatives from Lot have been given Moab and Ammon. Isn’t that pretty cool, it shows me how God takes care of those we have easily forgotten.

That’s it for today. 🙂

Thanks for an amazing day yesterday LORD, and thank you for this day that is just beginning 🙂 I want to honor you with my words, thoughts, and actions today and everyday. May you be glorified.

41 camps in 40 years

Good day!!! I am super excited today! 😀  Today I read Deuteronomy 1.

In Deuteronomy, Moses is telling the people, the new generation, everything God has commanded.

I am going to skip back to Numbers. I wanted to mention that there is a list, made by Moses, of all of the places they camped during the 40 years of traveling through the desert. God told Moses to keep this record. It is so cool to read all of the places they went. It doesn’t say how long they stayed at each place though. So, they camped at 41 places. That is just about one place a year, but we were told that they moved whenever the cloud, which was the presence of God, rose up out of the tent. Numbers 9:19-22 explains this really well, “ Sometimes the cloud stayed over the Tent for a long time, but the Israelites obeyed the LORD and did not move. 20 Sometimes the cloud was over it only a few days. At the LORD’s command the people camped, and at his command they moved. 21 Sometimes the cloud stayed only from dusk until dawn; when the cloud lifted the next morning, the people moved. When the cloud lifted, day or night, the people moved. 22 The cloud might stay over the Tent for two days, a month, or a year. As long as it stayed, the people camped, but when it lifted, they moved.” 

In Deuteronomy, it says when they reached the last camp before entering the promised land (an area across the Jordan River from Jericho) it gives us a date. Moses talked to the people on the first day of the eleventh month of the 40th year after leaving Egypt. It is so interesting because it says this trip (well, from Mount Sinai) usually takes 11 days.

Here is a map showing their route and the usual routes I guess. The map doesn’t show each individual camp area, just the entire route.


Chapter one of Deuteronomy is Moses giving a summary of what happened during the last 40 years. He is recapping for the generation I suppose, since they were young. Oh, something cool I learned a while ago is the word Deuteronomy means Second (Deuter) Law (Onomy or onomos???) Anyway, isn’t that cool since Moses is giving the new generation the laws??!!! So the entire book is really a summary. I found it interesting what Moses says in verse 37, he says it was because of them that the LORD didn’t allow him to enter the land. What? It was because he hit the rock instead of speaking to it, come on Moses now…



The sacrifice God wants…

Hello, today I read Numbers 28-30 and Psalm 51.

In Numbers God is giving Moses the commands for the offerings and celebrations. We’ve read about these already but this for the new generation of Israelites. It is an overwhelming amount of sacrifices and offerings but God gives them dates of when to do them and details of how to do it.

It is interesting that I read about the details of these feasts and offerings and then read Psalm 51 today too. Psalm 51 is from David and my bible heading says he prayed this prayer after his ordeal with Bathsheba and her husband. He is asking for forgiveness.

This is the verse that struck me today,

Psalm 51:17, “The sacrifice God wants is a broken spirit. God, you will not reject a heart that is broken and sorry for sin.”

God wants the sacrifice of a broken spirit. So interesting David understood this when he was living in a time when the laws of Moses were the standard. He really did have an understanding and heart for God. When I think of having a broken spirit I believe that is what is meant by taking up your cross, choosing to do things the way God wants us to and being sorry when we choose incorrectly. And it is more than just being sorry, it is feeling the weight of the choice and realizing the relationship with God has been damaged. Heaven is a free gift. We can live there because of our belief and faith in Jesus. But our relationship with him begins here and now. We can take up our cross and follow him, or we can choose our own way and sacrifice the joy and guidance we can have when we are sincerely sorry for sin.

Looking but never entering.

Happy Valentines Day! Today I read Numbers 25-27. I am way ahead in the reading plan. Usually I am talking about how far behind I am so this is a switch!

In chapter 25 I read about some Israelites worshiping Baal of Peor. Some men were also getting together with Moabite and Midianite women. So God called Moses and said these people must be killed. Moses called the leaders of the people, which he called them Israel’s judges. This is the first time to hear them called judges. As I can remember anywhos. As they were gathered one of the leaders, or judge, over the tribe of Simeon brought a Midianite woman in plain sight of everyone and took her into his tent. Whoa! Phineas the priest, who is Aaron’s grandson, saw them, got his spear, and killed them both.

There is a little bit of information not given to us because it says the sickness stopped when Phineas took action. So a sickness had started because of these sins, it says 24,000 people died from that sickness. Then God makes an agreement with Phineas. He says because Phineas hates sin as much as he does he will make a peace agreement with him and his descendants. There will always be someone from his family line in the priesthood.

In chapter 26 Moses tells Joshua to count all of the people. This is very interesting and it really shows how much time has gone by because it says in verses 64-65, “Moses and Aaron the priest had counted the Israelites in the Desert of Sinai, but no one Moses counted on the plains of Moab was in the first counting. 65 The Lord had told the Israelites they would all die in the desert, and the only two left were Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun.”

So all of that older generation is now gone, except Moses and the two that thought the land looked great when none of the others did. Chapter 27 talks about Moses making Joshua the new leader because God has told Moses he will die before going into the promised land too. God tells him to climb to the top of the Abarim Mountains and look at the land. He cannot enter it because of what he had done at Meribah when he hit the rock instead of talking to it. Wonder how Moses felt when he looked over the land, a bunch of mixed emotions I bet. Saddness, regret.

I thought it would be cool to see what Moses saw while standing on the mountain. I found a few pictures. The spot is a tourist attraction now so there is a fence and some other stuff including a map showing cities we read about. Pretty cool.



LORD, I wonder about Moses and it makes me think about life after this life with you. I read about the kingdom and I don’t want to be like Moses. I want to be one that is invited to the kingdom. I don’t want to gaze at it from a mountain top, I want to enter it like Peter says. Thank you for your word and your promises. I love you.

2 Peter 1:11, “And you will be given a very great welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”


Here is a bit more information, and a little bit more of the passage. It starts with talking about blessings, the blessings Peter is/are talking about is the ability to live a life that reflects God’s nature. We can do this because of our faith in Jesus which allows us to know God.  Here is the passage 2 Peter 1:5-11,

“5 Because you have these blessings, do your best to add these things to your lives: to your faith, add goodness; and to your goodness, add knowledge; and to your knowledge, add self-control; and to your self-control, add patience; and to your patience, add service for God; and to your service for God, add kindness for your brothers and sisters in Christ; and to this kindness, add love. If all these things are in you and are growing, they will help you to be useful and productive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But anyone who does not have these things cannot see clearly. He is blind and has forgotten that he was made clean from his past sins.

10 My brothers and sisters, try hard to be certain that you really are called and chosen by God. If you do all these things, you will never fall. 11 And you will be given a very great welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”